Spartan Tile Mosaic

On Saturday, the Class of 2020 Spartan Tile Mosaic Sign was unveiled. The sign is dedicated to the Class of 2020, whose senior year was drastically changed due to the onset of the pandemic. 

This project was the brainchild of senior parent/PTA member Jenniffer Wheeler. She and her daughter Abbie, a graduating senior in the Class of 2020, thought of different ways to unite their class during the time of COVID and came up with the tile mosaic sign. All students were invited to create a tile to represent themselves. The tiles contain inspirational quotes, high school memories and hopes for the future. 

Jenniffer and Abbie worked in conjunction with Class of 2020 advisor, Mary Castaldo and parent/art therapist, Kim Hayden. Silver Graphics was a part of this project too, as they made sure that the tiles would be weather resistant for years to come. 

For the past two years different students have been involved in helping secure glass tiles to the letters and Spartan head, as well as two graduates of the Class of 2020.

Kim Hayden summed up this experience. 

"For myself I think I would like to highlight the artistic aspect of a mosaic design - you have these small individual pieces but when put together they create more of a masterpiece.  For me it really speaks to the way in which I picture our community working together, not only during a pandemic, but it was certainly highlighted in that time.  Each person's efforts to help one another with emotional support or physical resources was very noticeable and collectively each small part was integral to the whole experience".