Maine-Endwell Graphics Guide and Branding Toolkit

The Maine-Endwell name and logo, the Spartan, are a part of the District's brand, which defines who we are and sets us apart from other school districts. It is important to adhere to the proper use of the District's graphic guidelines in order to maintain a consistent and unified brand.

Proper use of the district name, logo and font are outlined in our Graphic Standards Guide. It is available here for reference, or download. 

We have also provided the various Spartan logos for our community members to use below in the Branding Toolkit section of this page.

If you have any questions, please contact Maine-Endwell Public Information Specialist, Michelle Buchanan, 607-754-1400, ext. 2320.

Branding Toolkit

These are the approved Maine-Endwell logos for district and community use. Please refer to the district’s Graphic Standards Guide for more information. Please contact Communications Coordinator Michelle Buchanan, if you have any questions, at  or 607-754-1400, ext. 2320.

Primary Logos


Contact Us

Michelle Buchanan
Public Information Specialist
Communications Coordinator
(607) 754-1400 x 2320


Click the above icon to view the Maine-Endwell Graphics Standards Guide.