Maine-Endwell Transportation Services


Maine-Endwell Transportation provides the community with the safest and most efficiently operated system.  We consistently strive for excellence and achieve superior standards through:

  • the generation and organization of new ideas and concepts into realistic action plans

  • the continual evaluation and improvement of our existing methods

  • efforts to educate and inform our school and community.

Using the cooperation of our peers for all those who depend on our service we guarantee a positive and lasting professional pupil transportation system, in which we at Maine-Endwell may become leaders of our industry.

General Information

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Contact Us

Maine-Endwell Transportation Dept.
PO Box 318 / 31 Church St
Maine, NY 13802

Phone: (607) 862-4469
Fax: (607) 862-3646

Michael Aubel
Director of Human Resources & Transportation

Melissa Verbraak
Head Bus Driver
(607) 862-4469

Virginia Garrison
Transportation Secretary
(607) 862-4469