Facilities Use Request


The Maine-Endwell Central School District extends to the school community the use of school facilities whenever such use does not conflict with the needs of children, or with New York State laws. Furthermore, the District affords the general public an opportunity to apply for the use of our facilities if the function of such request will contribute to the educational, recreational, or entertainment interests of our community. Residents, staff members, and community groups can make facility use requests by following the steps below:

Reserving a Facility - Updated January 2023

The District is in the process of updating the program which handles facilities use and the reservation of district spaces.

While this update is occurring, to reserve a space, please complete the paper form which is available by clicking here. Hard copies may also be picked up from the Director of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics, Kevin Hores.


Priorities: All facilities are primarily for school purposes and will be scheduled for use after school hours in the following priority:
1. School sponsored organizations and functions.
2. Youth groups sponsored by adult organizations.
3. Civic meetings to discuss community problems.
4. Adult organizations.
5. Others.

Certificate of Insurance: All users of school facilities are required to file a Certificate of Insurance, with their facilities use request. Click here for how-to instructions.