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Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics:
Kevin Hores -

750 Farm to Market Road

Endwell, NY 13760

Phone: (607) 786-8207


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District pool

Starting Wednesday, June 2nd, the District will resume a modified version of the Morning Lap Swim Program.

Patrons must sign up through a “Google Sheet”.  Please send your email address to Andrew Krise at  You will be included as an “editor” and will be allowed to type your name into one of the 32 spots available.  Patrons are only allowed to sign up for one time slot per day.  Please do not show up unless you have signed up online.  If you are having difficulty doing so or you are not able to do so, please contact Andrew Krise in advance to discuss an alternative. 

The schedule, during the school year, will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The time slots will be 40 minutes long.  Patrons must leave the building immediately after exiting the pool. 

                 #1 5:45-6:25 AM

                #2 6:35-7:15 AM

Patrons will be asked to enter the pool and be scanned by the lifeguard on duty.  All belongings will be placed in the bleachers.  The locker rooms are off limits unless you are using the restroom.  Masks are to be worn while you are in the building and taken off when you enter the pool.  There are white plastic hooks for you to place your facemask while you are swimming.  If you do happen to get out to use the restroom then please put your mask back on.  No exceptions to this rule. 

Each lane will accommodate no more than two patrons at a time.  One patron may use the wall as their “home base” when stopping between sets or to take a rest.  The other patron must use the black, 5-foot relief line that runs perpendicular to the long, black lines on the bottom of the pool. 

We thank you for your understanding as we transition back into normal use of this, and other facilities here at Maine-Endwell.  Your understanding, patience, and adherence to the rules will allow this transition to be effective and allow patrons the opportunity to enjoy returning to the pool.