Delay/Closing Notifications



The decision to delay or close school is not taken lightly and requires multiple agencies working collaboratively to best determine the safest decision. While schools are held to mandatory days of attendance, student safety is our highest priority. If we utilize additional weather days beyond the allotted amount, we must make days up by using previously scheduled vacation time.  
A decision to delay or close is made – typically – by 5 AM after multiple conversations with our highway superintendents, weather experts, law enforcement, and district personnel, along with discussions between other school districts. When a delay must become a closure, the decision is typically made prior to 7:30 AM.

DELAYS:   The most common delay utilized is a two-hour delay. When the decision to delay is made, we ask how much time is needed for roads to become safe for travel. 
• One Hour
• Two Hour 
• Three Hour 

CLOSURE:  For employees, we differentiate between a school, or district closing.  A district closing is typically used for times when a county-wide state of emergency exists and travel bans are in place.   
• Schools Closed
• District Closed

CODE BLUE: (NEW) A code blue is used for extreme weather conditions (e.g. low temperatures). When a code blue is issued, all students are offered an opportunity to ride a school bus to school. The Maine-Endwell CSD policy limits school transportation to all students K-8 and for students in grades 9-12, those living beyond 1.5 miles of the High School.  
Click HERE for Code Blue bus routes.

NOTIFICATION:  The District utilizes multiple sources to notify parents including;
• District website / Social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) – 5:00 AM
• School phone call, email, and / or text message – 6:00 AM
• Local TV and radio stations – 6:00AM