META Teacher of the Month Buchak

Congratulations to the META Teacher of the Month for October, Amanda Buchak.  She was recommended by Jessica Byrnes. Below is what she wrote. 

"Amanda is my mentor. She is available any day of the week, at any time, to talk if I have any questions. After the first week of school, I had a question Sunday morning. I texted her asking my question expecting to wait for a response. She called me immediately and took the time to explain and brainstorm a bell ringer for my lesson plans with her family in the car. I couldn't thank her enough for taking the time to do that with me on a Sunday. Amanda is always there to support and help me and her students. Whenever I walk into her room, she drops what she is doing to support me. Amanda is organized, a fountain of information and a kindhearted individual. Amanda Buchak went the extra mile to not only make sure I was prepared but to ensure that I felt like a member of the MEMS family. She has taught me what it means to be a spartan and she bleeds BLUE AND GOLD. I am truly grateful for her".