Statement from Superintendent Van Fossen

The following is message from Superintendent Van Fossen. 

October 30th, 2021:

Dear Maine-Endwell School Community:

I am writing to update you on our varsity football team and the reported forfeiture of games.

On October 30th, the district was notified by Section IV Athletics Executive Director, Mr. Bill Bryant, of the Appeals Committee decision.  The Committee ruled unanimously that forfeiture of wins by the Maine-Endwell varsity football team would not occur due to circumstances outside of the district’s control. The district had maintained hope that the appeal process would be fair. The decision by Section IV supported this belief. We are thankful for the committee’s willingness to listen, consider the facts, and rule in the best interest of our student-athletes. 

As a proud school district, I recognize the surprise and anger this situation created.  Our integrity was questioned and the reporting of the situation created significant negative emotions towards our school, employees, and me.  I have spent seventeen years in Maine-Endwell and believe that our first core value – ‘always make decisions in the best interests of children’ – have and always will be the foundation of decision-making. 

I am hopeful that people will continue to trust our integrity. We are fortunate to live in a school community that values education and co-curricular activities and takes great pride in their school. We will work to ensure our integrity is never questioned again.

Very Sincerely,

Jason Van Fossen,

Superintendent of Schools