Rick Otis and Bill Underwood

Middle School Science Teacher, Bill Underwood, delivers a premier education to each student, literally. Whether it’s through fun, hands-on lessons, or making sure each students has what they need to learn, Mr. Underwood is always putting the well-being of his students first. Congratulations to Mr. Underwood, the June Maine-Endwell Teachers Association (META) Teacher of the Month.  

“Bill’s passion for teaching and dedication to his student’s learning and well-being is evident in all facets of his job, whether it be teaching or coaching,” said fellow Teacher Maura Romanelli who nominated Mr. Underwood for this recognition.

“Bill is a go-getter who makes school FUN for his students – whether it be making igloos outside in the snow, learning about trees and what it takes to make maple syrup, to homemade pancake breakfasts and catchy songs to help learn science concepts.” 

Mrs. Romanelli witnessed Mr. Underwood’s dedication first hand when he delivered a lesson to her home for her daughter who was on quarantine at the time. “He went out of his way and took from his own planning time to make sure that she had the assignment in front of her prior to his lesson that afternoon, stating that it would be easier for her to learn the material,” she said.

Way to go Mr. Underwood!

Each month (META) honors excellence in teaching within our district with the Teacher of the Month award. The award is given to a staff member who demonstrates the following leadership qualities: professionalism and excellence in and out of the classroom; commitment to the well-being of students; high ethical standards; and civic and charitable stewardship. Award winners will be nominated by their peers.