Erin Hitchcock

For Middle School librarian Erin Hitchcock, connecting with her students goes beyond recommending a good read. During the past year, when students were full remote, and some are still learning from home, Ms. Hitchcock has made a real connection with students by engaging them in fun conversation, games, and more. 

That’s why Ms. Hitchcock is the May Maine-Endwell Teachers Association (META) Teacher of the Month.

Not only are students engaged and inspired by Ms. Hitchcock, so are her colleagues. One of those teachers is Melissa Spierling who nominated Ms. Hitchcock for the honor. “As a part of her Schoology group, I started stalking some of the cool things she was doing with students and how she was engaging kids in non-academic activities,” said Mrs. Spierling. “During this very unusual school year, she has made many connections with kids at home and has been a soundboard for many of them as they sit alone in their homes each day.”

Ms. Hitchcock is taking library visits to a new level with the addition of a maker space. And she is great at muli-tasking, said Mrs. Spierling. “She seems to have everything under control while she multitasks, talking to students on a personal level, taking yearbook group pictures, fixing and signing out Chromebooks, and oh yes, even signing out library books!”

Ms. Hitchcock is liked and admired by staff as well as her students.“I find co-teaching with her an awesome experience for both me and my students,” said Mrs. Spierling. “I consider myself lucky to have her as a colleague.”

Each month (META) honors excellence in teaching within our district with the Teacher of the Month award. The award is given to a staff member who demonstrates the following leadership qualities: professionalism and excellence in and out of the classroom; commitment to the well-being of students; high ethical standards; and civic and charitable stewardship. Award winners will be nominated by their peers.