Mark Wilson, PRINCIPAL

Mr. Wilson

Mark Wilson is the High School Principal. Prior to coming to Maine-Endwell, Mr. Wilson has served as a secondary social studies teacher (Johnson City CSD), elementary assistant principal (Johnson City CSD), and as secondary principal (Greene CSD).


Jennifer Yurko headshot

Jennifer Yurko is the High School Assistant Principal. Prior to coming to Maine-Endwell, Mrs. Yurko was the coordinator of special education, grades 6-12, at the Johnson City School District.

Mrs. Yurko received her Bachelor of Arts degrees in Discipline Honors Adolescent Education, History and Special Education from Keuka College. She earned her Master of Science degree in Literacy 5-12, and her Certificate of Advanced Studies in Administration, from Binghamton University.

Mrs. Yurko is a graduate of the Maine-Endwell Class of 2007.  She is married and has two children.


Allison Murphy

Allison Birch is the High School Associate Principal. Prior to coming to Maine-Endwell, Ms. Birch taught sixth grade math and science at Windsor Middle School. Before that she was an elementary school teacher in the Fulton County School System in Georgia.

Ms. Birch received her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, and her Master of Science degree in Elementary Education, Literacy, from the State University of New York, College at Cortland. She earned her Certificate of Advanced Study, Educational Leadership from Binghamton University.

Ms. Birch resides in Endwell.


Maine-Endwell’s High School principals oversee all aspects of secondary education and programs and are liaisons for their building, reporting directly to the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Education. Principals are involved in all aspects of curriculum, programs, and decisions in their school, grades nine to 12. They oversee, coordinate and administer all state Regents exams, Advanced Placement exams and Student Learning Objective (SLO) exams.

Principals are responsible for setting building goals, and professional staff and non-instructional staff observations and evaluations (APPR). They provide professional development opportunities for staff, and are members of, and oversee, all committees involved in secondary programs.

Other principal duties include, but are not limited to:

•    Student Safety and Behavioral Management
•    Emergency Response Team Coordination
•    Personnel and Contractual Matters
•    Building Budget Development and Supervision
•    Construction and Implementation of Master Schedule
•    Coordinate and Assist with Academic Intervention Services and Response to Intervention plans
•    Supervision of Buildings and Grounds
•    Supervise Grade Reporting and Verification