Action Ecology

The goal of the Action Ecology is to implement “Go-Green” initiatives and eco-friendly practices through various activities, projects, and events in our school and community.

Events planned are:

  • Riverbank clean up

  • Community clean up

  • “Random Acts of Recycling”

  • Earth Day activities

  • Care and maintenance of “SPARTAN” shrubbery

  • Implement “Go Green” initiatives: recycling, reusing, reducing waste

Meeting Information: Alternate Thursdays during activity period in the library. Membership is open- any student may join at any point in the year.

Art Club

The MESH Art Club is dedicated to offering their creative skills and unique ideas to the school and community. .  The activities of the Art Club often include but are not limited to NYC Trips to the MOMA, Guggenheim, and Metropolitan Museums.  The Art Club often offers its face painting skills to the elementary and middle school special programs as well as coordinating the Kid's Craft Tent at the Relay for Life.

 Members of the Art Club share their ideas at each meeting while also creating art objects for themselves such as tie dyed t-shirts, hand painted Christmas ornaments and stationary. 

Meeting Information: The Art Club meets each Thursday and is open to any student interested in the arts. The meetings are held in the art rooms and students may join at any time of the year. 



Students who are interested in Athletic/ sports teams should contact the office of the Athletic Director in the High School. 

Class Activities (Each class has "Class of" fundraisers and activities) 

Each class plans yearly activities and fund raisers for eventual senior year activities, such as the prom and the senior trip.  Each class also participates in the annual Homecoming Day Parade by building a float, and participates in volunteer and community service activities.  


Future Teachers of America

FTA is for students who are interested in being teachers or in exploring the teaching profession.  We tutor at all grade levels from elementary to high school.  Most tutoring is done at Homer Brink after school or here at the High School during the school day or activity period.   All that is needed to join is an interest in teaching and time available to tutor.  Students can join at any point during the year.


Girl Up Club

 Girl Up Clubs are responsible for countless achievements including:

  • Raising hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to support UN programs that empower adolescent girls

  • Hosting school-wide celebrations on International Day of the Girl and International Women’s Day

  • Planning and executing activities throughout the school year, including Club Featured Challenges

  • Building Club Coalitions across cities and regions for clubs to work together and plan events


GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance) 

Students interested in the GSA can contact the School Counseling Office for more information. We create a safe space for students interested in LGBTQ issues.


Habitat for Humanity

Purpose:To help build homes to rebuild our community and the lives of those in our community.  We work on 2 or 3 houses a year from the foundation to the roof.  We are also actively engaged in fundraising for Broome County Habitat for Humanity.  We also recycle the bottles and cans in the building as a way of keeping our habitat clean and as a fundraising mechanism.

 There are no requirements and we welcome new members any time!


International Club

International Club is devoted to promoting diversity in a manner that's both fun and exciting. Club members participate in fund-raisers to raise money for the Costa Rican exchange, as well as for the annual trip to New York City. Our annual International Club Dinner is always a great time; this involves all club members and is held in the High School Cafeteria. New members are always welcome throughout the year….there are no requirements to be in the club.

Reminder of meetings are always on morning announcements.


Key Club

Key Club’s purpose is to help others--through work with various school & community organizations, and through projects put together in our own club.  We are affiliated with the Kiwanis, and are part of Key Club International. You must join Key Club in September.



Mathletes is a club that runs from October to February with the potential for students to qualify for a state competition in April.  Any student that has an interest in mathematics and problem solving can join.  We compete against seven other schools from the Southern Tier at 5 competitions once a month at Johnson City High School.  Students are welcome to join anytime throughout the season. 


M-E Ice Hockey

In order to be a member of the ice hockey team, you must be in grades 9-12. Students are responsible for the cost of the ice and equipment.

Meeting place and time: Practices and games are at the BCC Ice Center and the Chenango Ice Center. Practices are held 3 times per week after school between the months of October and March.


M-E Mindfulness Club

We create a safe and welcoming environment to promote a peaceful and clam exisistance within the school.  We aid in a person's ability to focus and relax during stressful times.  We are a place where students are allowed to express themselves and their ideas.  We help students focus their awareness on the present moment while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations. Our acitivies include mindful meditation at each meeting, and sposoring a bi-annual visit of local therapy dogs during the mid-term exams and the final exams for the school year.  We also participate in community service activities and other mindful exercises.  All students are welcome. Namaste!


Mock Trial

Mock Trial is a club where students are trained by real lawyers to learn about the American legal system.  With that knowledge they then compete against other schools in a mock civil, or criminal trial.  If the team wins the local, we advance to the state, then the nationals. Students learn about the American legal system, courtroom decorum, and effective public speaking.  There are no requirements to join.

National Honor Society

The object of the M-E NHS is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership and to encourage the development of character in the students. Membership in the NHS is open to Juniors and Seniors who have maintained a 90 (or higher) average at a Regents level. Candidates must be outstanding in character, leadership and service. Election to this chapter shall be by Faculty Council. The chapter operates under a national charter and is primarily a service club. The Principal reserves the right to approve activities and decisions of the chapter. 


Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational organization that provides problem solving competitions for students. The primary objective of O.M. is to teach critical thinking skills so students know how to apply what they know to solve problems.  O.M. provides a venue where students can appreciate and apply their own learning style. 

 To join a team you need to enjoy problem solving and be   able to make the commitment to a team Teams are made up of 7 students.  Once a team begins to develop the problem no additions to a team may be made.  Once the registration date passes no additional teams may be added. 


Pep Band

Students interested in the Pep Band should contact the Symphonic Band Director for membership information and club activities. 

Pride Club/ADSIP/YES!Leads

Pride Club is a Peer Leadership program which trains high school students (grades 10 -12) to give school and community presentations on the negative impact of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and on positive techniques to avoid these drugs, such as decision-making skills, positive friendships and resistance skills. There are currently about 40 members in our club.

Pride Club Peer Leaders attended a first day training at the Binghamton Regency and a second day training at M-E High School. This year we also hosted a movie night at M-E High School for the elementary students. Pride Club Peer Leaders also spend time with the fifth graders at Homer Brink and Maine Memorial (about 200 students). Pride Club Peer Leaders teach 45 minute sessions that cover topics such as:

  • Resistance skills

  • Goal setting and making good choices

  • Friendship and peer pressure

  • The negative effects of alcohol and tobacco

Students need to be invited to join this club by an upper classmen – it is not open to freshman students.  Students can only join in the beginning of the year due to the 1stand 2ndday training that takes place in the beginning of the year. 


SADD (Students against Destructive Decisions)

Drinking and driving are the 2ndleading cause of death among 15-19 year olds. SADD’s mission (Students Against Driving Drunk) is designed to realistically present the dangers associated with drinking and driving and the consequences this behavior has on individuals, their families, and communities. Some of the activities that we have sponsored include:


1.      Mock Accident

2.      Guest speakers

3.      Black Friday

4.      Assemblies

5.      SADD Key chains given on student’s 16thbirthdays

6.      Wrecked car in front of school

7.      Public announcements in school and sporting events

8.      STOP-DWI tournament

9.      Band Jam

10. Shattered Lives Awareness Program

11. Seatbelt awareness programs


 Scholarship Challenge

Scholarship Challenge is a club that is all about trivia!  Most meetings consist of the members breaking up into teams and then answering "trivia" questions in a friendly competition.  We also have members participate in local competitions against other schools.  These competitions are voluntary and most change from year to year subject to availability.  We usually hold a school wide intramural competition as well. There are no requirements for membership. You can join at any time, just come to the meetings!

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a competition for middle and high school students with the goal to improve the quality of science education by engaging students in hands-on physics, chemistry, earth space science, biology, and engineering utilizing an inquiry approach to learning.  Most events will compete with 2 students (Experimental Design has 3) and 15 students are allowed to compete at each competition. 

M-E has been very successful in past years, traveling many times to the national competitions. At Regionals we compete against local teams (our biggest competition comes from Vestal and UE) and the top 2 (sometimes 3, depending on the order of finish from previous years) teams move on to the state competition in West Point. The top 2 teams in the state will move on to Nationals.

Meeting Information: Meeting times and locations vary depending on particular events. There are approximately 23-25 events at competition. Most events practice one hour a week on a regular basis. Additional practices are common in the weeks preceding major competitions. Sign Ups for Science Olympiad are in September. Practices begin in early October as competitions begin in January.

Requirements to Join:

An interest in Science/Mathematics/Technology

A commitment to attend practices

Dedication and Initiative to prepare for assigned events

Students must maintain at least an 85 average in math and science to continue on the team. Additionally, students must maintain a passing grade in all other academic subject areas.


Ski Club

Join ski club today to enjoy the magnificent mountains of Central New York at Greek Peak. Sign up is in the fall, and the cost is $275. Free lessons are included for those interested. Ski Club runs every Thursday for 6 weeks. The bus leaves the high school at 2:30 and returns at 9:30.


Spartan Muse

Spartan Muse is the school magazine, which is open to all students. Students submit stories and poetry, as well as works of art.


Spartan Spirit Newspaper

The Spartan Spirit is a newspaper that allows students to express their points of view on the topics which interest them and their peers. The Spartan Spirit gets news out to the students about things that are going on, whether it is about new teachers, clubs, or just events that have happened in the school. We take suggestions for stories, and usually students can write about topics they feel passionate about or that interest them. Students can join during the school year. We are always glad to have more students of all grade levels join and write articles for us.  


Spartan Theater Company

Actors/actresses and backstage workers are needed for our musical and drama every year. Students must audition for acting roles. We put on a Drama and a Musical each year.

Meeting Information: TBD. Interested students should see the advisors, or inquire in the Band room; students can join throughout the year.


Student Council

Student Council allows students to get involved in what’s going on within the school community. Students are welcome to attend meetings at any time throughout the year; no signups are necessary.


Technology Club

Students should contact the Technology teachers for club activities and membership information. 


Varsity Club (Girl’s)

Girl’s Varsity Club is for any female that participates in any of the varsity athletic teams at Maine-Endwell. As soon as you are on a varsity team you are able to be a part of GVC.   You may join GVC at any point throughout the year.   

This club is to promote the hard work that our female student athletes put into their school work as well as on the court, field, pool, or track.   GVC works at all the Varsity football games in the concession. We also participate in the national women in sports night. As a club we are always coming up with new ideas and ways to highlight the female athletes in our school.



Students interested in Winterguard should inquire in the Main Office of the High School for more information. 

Yearbook Club

Detailed lessons on technology, photography and journalism will be provided for the student throughout the semester. Specifically, the students will learn the Studioworks program used to format the yearbook.

This course exists to serve three purposes: to teach the student journalistic practices germane to producing a chronicle of a year in the life of a high school and its students, to learn computer technology in formatting a chronicle, and to produce such a chronicle, (i.e.: a yearbook). As such, any measurement of student performance must be directly related to these three purposes. Therefore, students will be expected to meet the following requirements:  Regular attendance and participation.  Participation in any outside class activities (such as sales drives, soliciting advertisements, extra-curricular photo opportunities) necessary to produce a yearbook.

Required student writing in terms of summaries for clubs, activities, sports, and class events.

Proficiency in Studioworks, an online program used to format the yearbook.

Commitment to meeting deadlines established by the publisher.

Commitment to working as a member of a team dedicated to producing a top-quality product in an efficient and professional manner. 

Juniors and Seniors have preference in joining yearbook.  Additional spots may be filled with Sophomores.  Students must be outgoing, timely, responsible, and have some knowledge of digital photography to work on yearbook.  Owning your own camera is a plus.