The Middle School Counseling Office is attached to the Main Office. The Counseling Office is available to assist students with any needs they have while at school. There are two School Counselors and a Counseling Secretary at Maine Endwell Middle School. 

School Counselors are student advocates as well as a resource to the school and community for information having to do with student success related to his/her education at the middle school level.

Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year!

 When you see your child's schedule they should have the following  core courses:

Math, Social Studies, English and Science.


6th Graders will have 20 weeks of Home and Careers, 10 weeks of Art and 10 weeks of Technology and wellness if the schedule allows. They will have graphic design, wellness, coding and life skills.

7th graders will have 10 weeks of Art, Technology, Media Communications and Health. They also have  keyboarding, career exploration, coding and wellness if it will fit in their schedule.

8th graders will have 10 weeks of Media Communications and Health and 20 weeks of Technology. If the schedule allows they will have art and and wellness. 

6th and 7th graders must take a music course. We offer General Music, Band, Chorus and Orchestra.

Music is optional for 8th graders.

Music courses are daily unless the students schedule doesn't allow. The students will have required lessons for performing musics on a rotating basis.


7th graders will have a 20 week course in French or Spanish.

8th graders will take a High School level foreign language. We offer Spanish or French. If they successfully complete the foreign language course AND pass the exam they will have 1 credit toward their high school diploma.

All students will have a Lunch and Physical Education course scheduled.

If you child has Special Education Services you may see a Resource Room or Support Time listed on his/her schedule.


MEMS School Counseling Phone:607-786-8279 or 607-786-8277

Meet the MEMS School Counseling Staff:

Marisa Maney, School Counselor for students with last names starting with letters A-L

607-786-8279 X3006 

Mrs. Maney has been a School Counselor for over 20 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from SUNY Oswego and a Master's of Education Degree with a concentration on School Counseling K-12 from SUNY Oneonta. She took additional Graduate courses at SUNY Oswego and Indiana Wesleyan University.

Beth Zunic, School Counselor for students with last names starting with letters M-Z 607-786-8279 X3007 

Mrs. Zunic has been a School Counselor for over 20 years. Beth has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from St. Bonaventure University and a Master's of Education Degree with a concentration on School Counseling K-12 from Springfield College, MA and SUNY Oneonta.

Nicole Miner, MEMS Counseling Office Secretary

The Guidance Secretary is responsible for student registrations, record retention and requests and will help with any general questions about the middle school or guidance office.

Role of the School Counselor:

Each Counselor at MEMS has a caseload of almost 300 students, works with over 500 parents/families, and has contact with more than 40 teachers and various other school staff/employees on a regular basis.

The School Counselor is the primary case manager for all of the students in the school. He or she provides a developmental, proactive guidance program to all students. The program promotes the mental health necessary for academic success, self-sufficiency and responsible community membership.

In New York State, professional School Counselors hold master’s degree plus 30 hours of further education with state certification. School Counselors have a strong understanding of how children develop and learn. They are certified in grades K-12.
Each level carries varied responsibilities, but there are three primary developmental areas the school counselor focuses on:

Career skills: School Counselors introduce and enhance students’ skills in areas of career preparation. They teach students about their interests and help them understand how to transfer their skills into the world of work.

Academic skills: School Counselors help students to understand and enhance their academic progress. They offer assistance in study skills as well as other strategies to help students be successful.

Personal/social skills: School counselors work with students to aid them in building positive relationships with others. They help students understand themselves so that they may be mentally healthy. They teach skills such as anger management, stress reduction and general life coping strategies.

The school counselor coordinates school, community and district resources for the development of students in all skill areas. The school counselor works with families and their children when referrals to special programs, specialists, and community agencies are in need.