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At their Feb. 28 meeting, the District Board of Education agreed to continue the district’s 8:1:1 special education program for current students. The plan calls for the program to end after the program’s current youngest students age out of the program in approximately14 years. 

The decision comes after the board received the initial recommendation to phase the program out over the next three years. Students would then attend a comparable program at BOCES.

In August the board received a request from parents and community members to revisit their decision and consider a way to keep the program intact and the students in the district. After weighing comments, and considering budget implications, the board made the decision to keep the program for current students. 

That means that as our youngest students age out of their grade level program, that program will be eliminated. The program will end entirely when the youngest student graduates, in approximately the school year 2032-33.

The continuation of the program is based on this rationale:

Consideration of current students and families in our district-based program;
Provides for continuation of the program;
Costs will be offset by eventual reduction in classes over several years;
Provides clear understanding of program for future families.
Attachments Available To Download:
BOE Document: Budgetary Considerations for Special Education Programming