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Big and little Spartans get together for some snowball science!

students with snowball

EK students in Joe Zaverton’s class joined their fifth grade buddies in Cathie DeLuca’s class for a snowball science and literature lesson.

Together the students read the story, “The Snowy Day,” by Ezra Jack Keats, but not all the way to the end. The students made predictions on what might happen at the end of the story and waited to finish the book until the afternoon.

In the meantime, the classes went outside to make a snowball for each classroom, to be kept in their teacher’s  “pocket”.  Both the EK students and the fifth grade students used inquiry design learning during the lesson. The students used the science process skills of predicting, classifying, communicating with each other and their teacher, gathering in organizing data, and inferring by drawing a conclusion based on their prior experiences, along with the experiences of the character and additional information in the story. The fifth grade students continued the lesson by measuring the mass of the snowball and making quantitative observations, as well as conducted observations and experiments that answered the question of what happens to the mass of a snowball when it melts from solid to liquid?

Later in the afternoon, the students came back together to finish the story. The students determined if both their literature predictions, and scientific predictions, were correct. The fifth graders also measured the mass of the melted snowball and discovered that it remained the same. 

The wintry weather lesson was an informative one for both the school’s oldest, and youngest, Spartans!

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