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This yummy STEM project pays tribute to town’s history

When Maine Memorial fifth graders took on a holiday STEM project, they not only created something yummy, they paid tribute to their hometown.

The students have brought the historic Town of Maine to life, as a gingerbread village. The class is participating in the 2020 Global Gingerbread Community STEM Project.

The Gingerbread STEM Project is a way to test students’ skills while they explore the essential question, “What goods and services are found in your thriving community?”

Using their engineering skills, the students represented the history of their town, from the late 1800s to the present, using typical gingerbread house items, including graham crackers, frosting and candy. Each student chose a building to research and then build. They marked their creation with an “Historic Plaque.”

They will share photos of their project through a group Facebook page, as a way to connect with other participants from around the world. The FB page address is:

The snowstorm caused a halt to their construction, but the students will resume their building when they return to school in January.

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