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Students create virtual museum to honor Black History Month

student with computer

HS students in Rachel Murat’s US History class are creating a virtual museum to honor the accomplishments of Black Americans. The students are curating information and images about those Americans who are not included as part of the HS curriculum.

Mrs. Murat presented the students with a list of  people who helped to shape our country and culture, who are not typically discussed throughout the year, as a way to include them in the curriculum. People represented in the museum slides include Carter G. Woodson, Jane Bolin, James Baldwin, John Lewis and Ruby Bridges.

The students researched and created their own museum slide complete with museum entrance, artifacts, information and more.

The entrance to each museum includes images and a fact that people should know about their subject. Subsequent museum “galleries” include details about the person’s background, accomplishments, and the long-term impact of that person’s life on society. An additional slide included resource information for museum goers to find out more.

Finally, the students created a slide directed to the New York State Education Department with supporting evidence as to why their museum subject should be included in the stated US History curriculum.

Students were graded on their information, artifacts used, accuracy and slide design.

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