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Students have fun learning igloo science

students with igloo

After a major snow storm brought more than 40 inches to Spartan Country, Middle School seventh graders in Mr. Underwood’s classes participated in a cool science lesson.

Tapping into the students’ stories about building snow forts at home, Mr. Underwood turned his students’ love for play into a learning experience. The science of an igloo is part of the classes’ “Backyard Science Program.” The lessons are inspired by students!

“So many of our kids have great questions and inquiries about science that they see right in their own homes, or what they may see on TV or social media,” said Mr. Underwood. Even though the lessons aren't part of the curriculum, they are a way to foster learning and students' curiosity about science in the real world, said Mr. Underwood.

After research and assessments were completed, the students had a chance to build their own igloos. Working collaboratively, the blue team students and the gold team students each constructed an igloo. The igloos turned out to be more than 8 feet to 10 feet across and could hold up to five students, and keep them warm.

In addition to being a valuable science lesson, the students had a chance to have lots of fun.

“It was a day that I hope they never forget!” said Mr. Underwood.

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