Student Interest Sites

Student Interest Sites

Student Interest Sites

Want to practice your typing?  Try one of the games on these websites. 
         Free Typing Games  (several different games to choose from)
          Bubbles Typing Game
         KeyMan (like Pacman, but very hard)
         QWERTY Warriors

Need some brain challenges?  Try some of these online puzzles.
         Slider Puzzles
         Jigsaw puzzles with a twist

VisitClasshomework.comto find your teacher's web site and stay on top of your homework assignments!

Link toBrainPop

Want to see some artwork our students created? If the title link doesn't take you right to the MEMS page, you can searchthis pageby zip code (13760) and then click on our school to see some great student pieces.

Click on "Play Energyville" to power your city with alternative energy sources.

Career Zone
Self-assessment, resources, career information in a variety of areas of interest, focused on opportunities in New York State.

Citation Machine
This site will help you correctly format your bibliography citations, just make sure you pick what kind of a source you are using (book, encyclopedia, web page, magazine article, etc.)
Do you need to look up a work but don't have a dictionary handy? Try this web site. It's got more than just definitions!

Text Twist
An online game similar to Boggle, where you rearrange letters to spell out words.

Graffiti Creator
Do you like graffiti? This site lets you type your word, and manipulate the graffiti effects.

How Stuff Works
Marshall Brain's "How Stuff Works" is an excellent site to wander through and learn about "stuff" and how it works!

Evaluating Web Sites:

When you look for web sites for school projects, please remember that not everything on the Internet is true! Almost anyone can put a web page on the Internet. Try the Five Ws: who, what, when, where, why.  Some things to look for in evaluating web sites:

1)Who is the author of the site? Do they have credentials that are listed? Can they be contacted?

2)  What is the content? Does it meet your needs? Does it match what you already know about the topic? Does it list where the author got their information? Is it appropriate for your educational level (not for elementary students or high school students)? Is it well written and organized?

3)When was the site created and updated? Look on the page for the creation date and/or date updated. Is the information current? Do all the links on the site work?

4)Where is the website published? Does this give you information about the validity of the information?

5)Why does this website exist? Why did the author create the site? Do they have an obvious agenda, or is it unbiased? Is it fact or opinion? Some sites may have information that may be useful for writing opinion papers, but not for a research paper.

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