Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Maine-Endwell Strategic Plan

Group of students at table.
To deliver a premier education to each student.

We promise to inspire, engage, empower and graduate all students as well-rounded, community-minded, global thinkers, leaders and innovators.

Core beliefs:
• Students are our first priority, and we always make decisions in their best interest.
• Every student can learn and achieve success.
• We act with integrity, value diversity and preserve the dignity of each person.
• We promote and support innovation.
• A positive, risk-free and safe environment is essential for learning.
• We are a community of leaders who exemplify strong character.
• We value collaboration, community partnerships and shared decision-making.
• We always pursue excellence.

Inspire & Educate
Foster Challenging and innovative learning opportunities
• Provide rigorous, aligned curriculum and enrichment opportunities for all students.
• Integrate technology to enrich instruction and learning.
• Implement data-informed instruction. 
• Reinforce collaboration among all members of our professional learning community (PLC). 
Empower & Support
Provide necessary resources for all students
• Strengthen Response to Intervention (RTI).
• Implement Early Kindergarten to grade 2 interventions to ensure all students have the necessary math and literacy skills.
• Promote the social and emotional wellness of all students.
• Implement a comprehensive strategy to increase graduation rates.
Engage & Communicate
Collaborate with families and community
• Strengthen family-school communication and involvement.
• Increase Kindergarten readiness.
• Partner with organizations to provide real-world experiential learning for students. 
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