Spartan Spotlight

Spartan Spotlight

Spartan Spotlight

Our Spartans are multi-talented, caring members of their community.

Each month the “Spartan Spotlight” will shine on a student who has done something special beyond the walls of his or her school. Whether it be sharing their talents with others, excelling at a non-school related sport, participating in a hobby, or volunteering their time to help out, we want to let everyone know how our Spartans shine.
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Amelia Curtis
NAME: Amelia Curtis

AGE: 10

GRADE/SCHOOL: 5th Grade, Maine Memorial

SPOTLIGHT MOMENT: Amelia’s spotlight moment came this fall when she earned her black belt in karate.

Amelia has been studying karate at Tri City Karate Academy for four years. To earn her black belt, Amelia demonstrated her skills in a two-part test of her form, knowledge of terminology and sparring technique. Amelia will now be part of the Tri City Karate demo team. She will demonstrate her skills in public at community events. She will also help her karate classmates of all ages as they work toward developing their own skills. Amelia said the best part of earning her black belt is that now she has the confidence to protect herself in any situation.


Hobbies/activities: Amelia enjoys art and crafting and is a member of her school’s art club. She also plays the ukulele. 

Favorite subject: Science and Math

Least favorite subject: Social Studies

What she wants to be when she grows up: Amelia would like to care for animals, possibly as a veterinarian, or at a zoo.  
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