Spartan Spotlight

Spartan Spotlight

Spartan Spotlight

Our Spartans are multi-talented, caring members of their community.
Each month the “Spartan Spotlight” will shine on a student who has done something special beyond the walls of his or her school. Whether it be sharing their talents with others, excelling at a non-school related sport, participating in a hobby, or volunteering their time to help out, we want to let everyone know how our Spartans shine.

March 2020 Spartan Spotlight: Jacob Finkelstein

NAME: Jacob Finkelstein
AGE: 15
GRADE/SCHOOL: 8th Grade, Middle School

SPOTLIGHT MOMENT: Jacob is reaching new heights in his sport: ice climbing. He’s been participating in the sport for about a year. He learned from an expert, his dad, who is his guide. Jacob climbs in the Adirondacks from the beginning of winter until last spring. Any frozen surface will do for climbing, as long the icing conditions are thick enough. Typically Jacob climbs mountain peaks and frozen waterfalls. 

Jacob calls the sport “exciting and fun.” When asked about the skills needed to climb, he said that you can’t be afraid of heights, and you have to be physically fit. This sport fits Jacob well because he loves being outside and nothing beats the view from the top once he’s finished his climb.
Activities/Hobbies: In addition to ice climbing, Jacob is a member of the M-E swim team and he plays lacrosse.

Favorite Subject: Science

Least Favorite Subject: He doesn’t have one, he likes them all.
What he wants to be when he grows up: A surgeon

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