Spartan Spotlight

Spartan Spotlight

Spartan Spotlight

Our Spartans are multi-talented, caring members of their community.
Each month the “Spartan Spotlight” will shine on a student who has done something special beyond the walls of his or her school. Whether it be sharing their talents with others, excelling at a non-school related sport, participating in a hobby, or volunteering their time to help out, we want to let everyone know how our Spartans shine.

January 2020 Spotlight: Kyra Gordon

NAME: Kyra Gordon
AGE: 9
GRADE/SCHOOL: 4th Grade, Maine Memorial

SPOTLIGHT MOMENT: Kyra’s Spotlight moment came when she inspired adults to take action and clean up a local park that was vandalized with graffiti.

When Kyra and her younger cousins visited Muth Park in Apalachin park this fall, she recognized inappropriate words and phrases spray painted on the playground equipment. Disturbed by what she saw, she reached out to adults to help clean up the graffiti so that her cousins would have a safe place to play. Kyra joined a group of adults who set out to clean the eyesore. (Grafitti has been crossed out in the following "before" pictures.)
Activities/Hobbies: In addition to playing with her cousins, Kyra likes gymnastics, drawing and coloring. She plays the violin and sings in her school’s chorus.

Favorite Subject: Math

Least Favorite Subject: Reading

What she wants to be when she grows up: A teacher or veterinarian.
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