Spartan Career Connections: Business

Spartan Career Connections: Business

What is the Spartan Career Connection?

The Maine-Endwell CSD’s Spartan Career Connections program offers businesses an opportunity to create a school/career partnership where students gain firsthand knowledge of career opportunities, and businesses develop relationships with talented individuals right here in Broome County. It’s a true win-win!
We are seeking connections in these areas: 

Inform, Inspire, Prepare

Career Mentors/ Coaches:
A person or team that provides an overview and guidance related to a particular industry or career. 
Topics for discussion: Should include educational/skill requirements; positives and challenges; job responsibilities.
Commitment: Monthly (6-10 per year); 45 minutes per meeting / session (a typical class period); AM, PM or after school (should be consistent).
*Career Shadowing: 
An experience in which the student observes or “shadows” someone within an industry or particular career. 
Purpose: Shadowing allows students to observe a variety of activities within an industry or specific career. Shadowing may influence a student’s decision whether to pursue a particular career before applying for an internship.
Commitment: Monthly (6-10 per year - may take place over July/August and spring/fall breaks); two hours per experience (6-10 per year); 9-11 a.m., or noon-2 p.m. 
*Career Internship 
An opportunity for a high school student to work in an organization in order to gain relevant experience and networking.  
Purpose: The internship consists of an exchange of services for experience between the intern and the organization. (This will be an unpaid position, although nothing precludes the organization from paying an intern, at the complete discretion of the organization.)
Commitment: Depends on the organization’s availability; one semester (fall/spring); approximately 10 hours per week 9-11 a.m. daily, or noon-2 p.m. daily; may take place July/August and spring/fall breaks. 
*Student participants will be selected through an application and interview process at the High School. 

Make a Spartan Career Connection

Complete a Spartan Career Connections Interest Inventory: 
  •   Identify time commitment (1/2 year/full year)
  •   Identify how many students you are able to provide experiences for (shadow/intern)
  •   Provide description of internship before student applications are created/submitted 

Click Here for the Interest Inventory Form. 

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