6th Grade Science

Animal Adaptation Sites

Remember that not all web sites contain valid, true information. The following web sites are sites that have been checked by your teachers, have been useful for students in the past, and can be used for this assignment. Not every web site features every animal.


National Geographic. Scroll down below the big image and choose your type of animal:

National Zoo in Washington, DC:

San Diego Zoo. Choose your "category" of animal, then browse the list of animals:

Search more deeply into the Library of the San Diego Zoo. Not all animals are covered, but if yours is, there’s a lot of great information:

Visit Sea World!
Animal Infobooks have a great deal of information about mainly water animals:
Animal Bytes have one-page fact sheets about many different animals (not just sea animals): 

University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. Use the search box on the middle right to search by animal name:

Toronto Zoo. Click on the region where your animal lives:

St. Louis Zoo. Animals are grouped by category, with mammals being at the bottom of the list:

Maryland Zoo.Choose your type of animal (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians) from the list on the bottom middle:

University of Michigan's BioKIDS Field Guides has many animals from North America:

A-Z-Animals was developed by Millie Bond. The free version may have ads, but has a lot of animal facts and information:

 The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has information about birds:

 The Audubon Society provides information about birds, primarily those found in North America: 




The University of California’s Museum of Paleontology web site includes information on the world’s biomes: has information about all of the world’s biomes:


Animal Sounds (many, but not all animals are covered on these sites) [choose from animals of the Air, Jungle, Desert, and then you will have to download it in order to hear the sound]

 [choose your animal group at the bottom]

Fish Communication information (not the actual sounds):
Link not working, but hope it is temporary:  [type your animal’s name in the Quick Search box on the left] 
View text-based website