Student Registration

Student Registration

Enrollment and Registration

Welcome to the Maine-Endwell Central School District!

Before your child attends school, you will need to provide the district with some important information. To help with the registration process, this Web Page contains the necessary forms that must be completed prior to enrollment. Additionally, we have included a checklist of items you will need to bring with you and have available when you meet with school officials.

Required Forms

The first step in enrolling your child is to complete the Maine-Endwell School District registration form, as well has the following forms. Print the completed copies and bring them with you to your child's enrollment meeting. 

In addition, the following Home Language Questionnaire must also be completed. The state requires the district to collect a Home Language Survey for every new student.  In addition to providing the state with data about the number of students whose families speak a language other than English at home, it allows the district to assess the needs of students for English Language proficiency. Bring it with you to your child's enrollment meeting. 

Enrolling Your Child

Children are eligible to attend kindergarten if they are 5-years-old on or before Dec. 1 of the year they begin school.
Maine-Endwell also offers free Universal Pre-Kindergarten for children who are 4-years-old.
Student enrollment takes place at the Central Registration Office, located at the Maine-Endwell District Office, 712 Farm to Market Road, Endwell. Please call our District Registrar, Charlotte Bush, to schedule an appointment, 607-754-1400, ext. 2300.
Attendance areas in the Maine-Endwell Central School District are defined as follows and are subject to periodic Board review and possible redefinition as required (Board of Education Policy 5160 "School Attendance Areas"):
M-E High School and M-E Middle School: Entire District

Homer Brink Elementary School (K-5): All properties south of the intersection of Twist Run Road and Sally Piper Road at Farm to Market Road. All properties south of and fronting on Twist Run Road to the intersection of Taft Avenue and Twist Run Road (except Nanticoke Drive and the Taft Heights subdivision). All properties south of Sally Piper Road.

Maine Memorial School (K-5): All properties north of the intersection of Twist Run Road and Sally Piper Road at Farm to Market Road. All properties north of Twist Run Road and all properties fronting on Twist Run Road between Taft Avenue and Nanticoke Drive. All of Nanticoke Drive and the Taft Heights subdivision. All properties north of and fronting on Sally Piper Road. 

What to Bring to Your Enrollment Meeting

Bring the completed registration form and the home language questionnaire, along with the following items to your child's enrollment meeting: 
• Proof of residency (e.g. Copy of rental agreement, copy of lease, contract to purchase a home, or a utility bill)
• Copy of birth certificate (New York State requirement)
• Copy of immunization records (Click here for immunization requirements.)
• Copy of last report card
• Custody papers (if applicable)

Admission for Non-Residents

If you are not a district resident but would like your child to attend a Maine-Endwell school, please refer to Board of Education Policy #5170. 
Tuition rates are:
Kindergarten – Grade 6: $6422 per year
Grade 7 – Grade 12: $6510 per year Click here for the Tuition Application  For more information, please contact the Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Jason R. Van Fossen by calling
(607) 754-1400 x 2311 or by email at [email protected]
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