Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Linda Kelly

Hello Maine Memorial Families,

The following dates are times that are available for you to pick up your child(s) belongings:

June 10th      11AM-1  and  3-6PM

June 11th   8:00AM - 1:00 PM    

Please bring library books, musical instruments and sheet music at this time. I will have staff volunteers out front to collect these items from you when you drive thru the loop. After these items are dropped off, please go to the back parking lot to pick up your child's belongings.  To make the process run smoothly, list on a sheet of paper your child(s) name and teacher.  If you also need to pick up medication, indicate by writing the letter "M" on the paper. You will hand the paper to a staff member who will be out front who will communicate to staff to get the belongings for you. Please pull up to the curb and a staff member will deliver the belongings to you.

June 12th   5:30-6:30  Car parade in the front loop at Maine Memorial

 If you have a school Chromebook, please pull up to the curb in the back parking lot near the vestibule to turn it in. Fifth grade families will also go in the back to pick up their child’s picture of him/her ringing the bell. 


Linda Kelly, Principal

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