Physical Education

Physical Education

Our Mission Statement
Here at Homer Brink, our Physical Education Staff believes in a fitness centered curriculum that seeks to challenge each child and to promote a healthy lifestyle outside of school. Our curriculum is New York State and National Standards(NASPE) based. It is our goal to develop a foundation of health and skill related  skills, a fundamental understanding of fitness, games knowledge, and for each student to value themselves and others when it comes to participation in fitness programs or recreational activities.  

Homer Brink Physical Education Department

Meet the Teachers 

Your Homer Brink P.E. Staff can be reached at the following e-mails.

Coach Krise - [email protected]

Coach Conroy - [email protected]

Coach Krowiak - [email protected]

Monthly Fitness Challenge

Each month, the staff at Homer Brink Physical Education, will seek to challenge each and every student with a fitness challenge.  Many of our fitness challenges are borrowed from challenges already on the internet; Baby Shark, Cha-Cha Slide, and many more.  Some challenges are HB P.E. originals like our Cotton-Eyed Joe Challenge.  Whatever the challenge, we are sure to have a great deal of fun together as we practice and get stronger in order to perform these challenges as a class at the end of the month.  We look forward to working with you and seeing you grow.  At the end of the month we will also be looking for a group to spotlight on our website so work hard and be ready to shine!!!  GO SPARTANS!

National (NASPE) and New York State : Physical Education Standards

Health and Skill Related Components of Physical Activity


Schoology - Bitmoji Virtual Classroom and Gymnasium

HBPE YouTube


Homer Brink Related Arts Information 2020-2021

At Home Instruction and Resources for K-5 Physical Education

HBPE Spotlight Movers

Each month we will be highlighting different students by showcasing their interest in a particular physical activity. Our mission is not to showcase participation in sports, but rather to give kids a picture of the various benefits of participation. Spotlight Movers profiles will be displayed in the gym.
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