July 22, 2020 Reopening Message

Maine-Endwell School Community

The 2020-2021 school year is upon us and we are diligently working on our reopening plans in order to have our students in-person by September 10th.   This message will include various timelines and links to reopening guidance for your review.   Additionally, beginning in August, we will begin weekly updates on our website and will have a dedicated tab for reopening information and resources.  

Reopening Plans:

New York State (NYS), NYS Department of Health (DOH), and the New York State Education Department (NYSED) have provided substantial guidance on requirements for schools to reopen.  We have attached the guidance documents for you to review.

Key Dates:

=         July 31st – NYS schools must submit reopening plans to NYS and NYSED. 

=         August 1-7th – Governor Cuomo will determine if schools may open in-person.

=         September 10th – First scheduled day of school for the Maine-Endwell CSD.

The District has begun drafting reopening plans and has a reopening committee that is comprised of Board of Education, administration, staff, faculty, parents, and students providing input and suggestions.  After submittal on July 31st, the District will have from August 1st to September 4th to ensure we can fully implement the plan as written.  

The plan must address the following key areas:

1.    Reopening of school facilities for in-person, hybrid (combination of in-person and virtual), and virtual learning.

2.    Monitoring of health conditions.

3.    Containment of potential transmission of COVID 19.

4.    Closure of school facilities and in-person instruction (if widespread virus transmission occurs).

The District’s reopening plans will be posted to our website for our school community on July 31st.   Regular weekly updates will be provided as well.   Our goal is to provide parents and guardians with as much time as possible to plan for the school year knowing that arrangements will need to be made for September.  While our hope was to have all students in-person on day one, based on the social distancing requirements, this will not be possible.  We recognize this will be a hardship.

A comprehensive communication guide will be provided that will highlight the following:

=         Protocols for your child attending school in September including transportation and food service.

=         Protocols for monitoring student and staff health conditions, containment of potential transmission of COVID 19, and school closure if needed (along with how instruction will continue).

=         Protocols for use and care of personal protective equipment including face masks.

=         Hand washing and respiratory (coughing / sneezing) guidelines to support proper hygiene.

=         Expectations for visitors and guests, extra-curricular activities including special events (concerts / musicals / plays) and athletics.

We recognize the need for time to plan and make arrangements for child care.   Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and accurate set of requirements so to not confuse you knowing the stress everyone is under.   As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding of the circumstances and value your continued support of our situation.

Very Sincerely,

Jason Van Fossen  

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