How are students are placed on teams?

There are no academic teams this year. There are 2 district wide teams- Blue and Gold. Blue are students with last names A-K and Gold names are L-Z. These teams are used to divide students in the hybrid model. 

Student Placement

What Honors/Accelerated courses are offered at the Middle School?

Math and Science in 7th and 8th grade. The 8th grade Honors Courses , Algebra 9H and Earth Science 9H, are credit bearing courses and final grades will be reflected on student's high school transcript. These courses also require a Regent Exam which must be passed with a 65 or higher.

Students must maintain an 85 or higher in honors courses. Teachers may recommend your child be placed in grade level courses at any point in the year if he/she feels that the honors work is not appropriate for him/her.

Special Education

What is Special Education?

If teachers or parents feel that a student is not being successful at the middle school after taking part in all of the regular interventions that we offer (staying 10th period with teachers, academic intervention services, reading or math labs) and after having gone though an extensive intervention process and committee review, we may refer the student for initial testing with a sign permission form from parents. This testing is administered by one of our Special Education Teachers/School Psychologist.

If the testing results show a discrepancy in the child’s abilities, the student may be directly referred to the Committee on Special Education. This department is located at the District Office and is may be contacted by calling 607-754-1400. Mrs. Vanessa DuBrava is the Chairperson of the department. CSE has 60 SCHOOL DAYS to review the case and offer services to the student. An example of services that CSE can offer would be a 504 health accommodation plan (for students with impairing health issues) or an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

 What Special Education Services do you offer at the Middle School?

Once a child is "classified" as a Special Education Student we offer inclusion classes (a special education co-teaches with a regular classroom teacher) with a small group support time, pull out (refers to the student going to a smaller class either 8.1,12.1 or 15.1/number of students to 1 teacher)  The students are placed in the classes based on what services are listed on his or her 504 plan or IEP from decisions made by the school and parents. 

For more details on how the programs are run you can contact us directly or the Special Education Department at 754-1400.

Passing Grades

What grade is passing for middle school subjects?

Students need to have a 65 or greater to pass a course.

What happens if my child fails a course for the year?

Each situation is handled individually. It is important that you contact the Guidance Office to discuss this situation. Currently summer school is not being offered through Maine Endwell Middle School.


Honor Roll

What grade do you need for honor roll?

Honor roll at the middle school is 89.5 and higher after all of the numerical grades are averaged. Our PTA has recognition events for students who make the honor roll.

AIS (Academic Intervention Services)

What is AIS?

Academic Intervention Services are something that we offer at the Middle School for students who have scored  level 1 and 2 up to a state imposed cut off on the NYS Math and or English Exams. We  currently offer support through classroom teachers.

What if I don't want my child in AIS?

New York State dictates that we must provide services for students who are not proficient on the NYS testing. Individual discussions may be had with the Principal if parents have concerns about AIS.

Registering New Students

If you are moving into the Maine Endwell School District your children will need to be registered at the District Office which is connected to the High School Building . If you want to register your child for the Middle School you must have the following information:
Proof of Residency in the Maine Endwell District (ex. Rental agreement, Contract to purchase a home or utility bill)
Copy of the child's birth certificate (NYS requires a copy on file)
Copy of the child's immunization record
Copy of last report card
Copy of any custody papers
You can contact Charlotte Bush at 607-754-1400 to set up an appointment to fill out the registration packet.

Homework Requests

How do I request homework if my child has been out of school due to illness?

The guidance office is responsible for arranging for homework. We ask that the students be out of school for 2 full days before requesting homework.

Parents need to call the school by 10:00 am to request homework.  Homework can be picked up at the end of the day (3:00 p.m.) This is to allow time for the teachers to put the materials together.

Please take into consideration that at the Middle School students have more than one teacher and collecting homework can be a timely task, especially during the cold and flu months.

There also may be teachers out due to sickness during this time and substitute teachers may not be able to gather work. Please keep in mind that the teachers do allow students to make up work due to illness upon their return to school.

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