Community Volunteerism

Community Volunteerism

Community Volunteerism


Questions that we often are asked about is what are colleges or employers looking for, and how can parents start to prepare their children for the world of a higher education or work.

Grades are important, but the most valuable credentials one can have are those that prove that you are a well rounded, community minded, person. Students who are exposed to activities in the world and who give of themselves, have much more to offer.  A college application or interview will be much stronger than one who merely focus on getting a high grade point average.

An important activity that can be done as a family or as an individual is volunteering. Volunteering offers students many benefits. The first being self confidence and self worth. When students have the chance to help others they discover the value and importance of being part of a community. They learn about human interaction and many lessons about compassion.

You can find many places for your child and or family to volunteer. We will list some resources below that you can explore.

*On a side note, if your child is participating in many activities it is never too early to start a portfolio to keep a record of their experiences.

Broome County Council of Churches (CHOW, hunger walk, fundraisers, working with seniors) – 607-724-9130

Habitat for Humanity- 607-772-0809

United Methodist Homes- (12 and up)(assisting elderly patients)-607-798-7818

Willow Point Nursing Home- (12 and up) 607-763-4248
Salvation Army-(13 and up) (toy shop, soup kitchen, bell ringers)- 607-722-2987

Discovery Center- 607-724-2428

Association for Vision Rehab- (14 and up)- 607-724-2428

Broome County Environmental Council (minors with parent)- 607-778-2116


United Health Services- (14 and up) 607-762-2318

Lourdes Hospital- (14 and up) – 607-798-5490

Ross Park Zoo- (14 and up)- 607-724-5461
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