Class Supply Lists

Class Supply Lists

Class Supply Lists 2018-19

It is our hope that students will begin the school year well prepared. However, we recognize that it is not always financially possible to purchase the items on this list. If you are unable to buy these supplies, please let your child's teacher know in advance so that together we can assure that your child will be prepared. It will remain confidential.

Early Kindergarten
4 jumbo-sized glue sticks
2 boxes crayons (24 pack)
1 box of tissues
1 oversized white t-shirt (not v-neck)

Large Backpack (large enough for a folder, lunch box, sneakers, etc.)

Optional:  Ziploc baggies (all sizes), paper plates
**No pencil boxes or scissors please

4 - jumbo-sized glue sticks
2 - boxes of crayons (24 pack)
1 - oversized white t-shirt (not v-neck)
Large backpack (large enough for a folder, lunch box, sneakers, etc.)
Optional: 1 Box of Ziploc baggies (quart or gallon)
**No pencil boxes or scissors please.

First Grade
Clorox Wipes
Pencils - 3 or 4 boxes
Crayons - 2 boxes of 24
Glue Sticks - 8-12 (any size)
Scissors - 1 Pair
Pack of 4 dry erase markers
Dry erase eraser
Pocket Folders - 2
Pink block eraser(s) - not cap erasers
1 box Ziploc gallon bags or sandwich bags
Tissues - 3 pack
Zipper Pencil Pouch (Mrs. Gould's class only - large enough for crayons, pencils and scissors) 
(We could also use extras of the following:  glue sticks, crayons, block erasers, tissues - Thanks!)

Second Grade
4  12-packs of pencils (Ticonderoga pencils work the best!)
1 box crayons
2 or 4 packs of pink erasers
10 glue sticks
1 pair of scissors
1 pocket folder (4 folders for Mrs. Hess's class only)
1 highlighter
1 black sharpie marker (fine tip)
1 red pen
4 pack of dry erase markers and an old sock to use for an eraser
2 boxes of tissues
2 packs of sticky notes
1 container of Clorox Wipes
1 box of gallon size Ziploc bags
1 box of quart size Ziploc bags
1 pencil box (Mrs. Hess and Ms. Sheahan Only)

Third Grade
Several packages of pencils and erasers
Crayons and colored pencils (24 ct. crayons and 12 ct. pencils)
Glue Sticks - several
5 spiral notebooks (red, green, blue, purple, and yellow)
5 pocket folders (red, green, blue, purple, and yellow)
Dry erase markers
1 clean sock to use as an eraser
Tissues - 2 boxes
Clorox Wipes - 2 containers
Backpacks should be small enough to fit in the student's lockers
  (Please note that our lockers are small!!)
NOTE:  All supplies will be shared in Mrs. Smith's class and referred to as "community supplies" 
OPTIONAL:  Washable markers 

Fourth Grade
3 packages of pencils
1 Five-subject notebook
5 pocket folders (a different color for each subject)
4 dry erase markers (non-toxic)
1 sock (dry board eraser)
Colored pencils or crayons
1 glue stick
1 package of Post-It notes
1 package of 3x5 index cards
1 box of tissues
2 containers of Clorox wipes
**A collapsible backpack to fit in your locker; the lockers are small. Rolling backpacks do not fit in the lockers. Please do not bring additional locks for the lockers.

Fifth Grade
#2 pencils (3 packages)
Hand pencil sharpener
colored pencils or crayons
2 glue sticks
2 packages of index cards (3x5)
2 "Marble" Composition/Journal Notebooks - different designs or colors (1 for ELA and 1 for Math)
1 3-subject spiral notebooks
5 folders (different designs or colors)
3 packs post it notes
2-3 highlighters
4 dry erase markers (non-toxic)
2 boxes of tissues
1 Container of Clorox wipes
Back Pack (ones with wheels will not fit in the lockers)
Please do not bring additional locks for the lockers
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