Spartan Spotlight

Spartan Spotlight

Spartan Spotlight

Our Spartans are multi-talented, caring members of their community.

Each month the “Spartan Spotlight” will shine on a student who has done something special beyond the walls of his or her school. Whether it be sharing their talents with others, excelling at a non-school related sport, participating in a hobby, or volunteering their time to help out, we want to let everyone know how our Spartans shine.

October 2018 Spartan Spotlight: Seth Zacharias

Seth Zacharias NAME: Seth Zacharias

AGE: 13

GRADE/SCHOOL: 8th grade, Middle School

SPOTLIGHT MOMENT: Seth's spotlight moment came when he won the 2017 Bandelier Bandit championship at the Chemung Speedrome. 
Seth's carSeth is only 13, but for nine years of his young life, he’s felt the need for speed! Seth is a race car driver. He races bandelero cars, a type of small, light stock car. When the 2018 summer/fall season begins, Seth will move up to a different age group and the dirt sportsman race category.


Hobbies/activities: Fixing electronics 

Favorite subject: Science

Least favorite subject: Math

What he wants to be when he grows up: Seth plans to attend the University of Buffalo and pursue a career in technology engineering. 
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